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Playground Turf



SYNLawn® of Maui offers the safest and healthiest synthetic playground turf in Hawaii. From the very beginning, SYNLawn® has been committed to ensuring playground safety by designing and installing state-of-the-art artificial grass for playgrounds and child play areas. Our artificial turf technologies were designed to exceed child safety standards to protect kids from harm and provide parents with peace of mind. With over five decades of research and development instilled in SYNLawn® turf, our synthetic grass offers far more benefits than any other playground flooring solution available.

Features Overview

Here are some of the many exclusive features found in our synthetic playground grass:

  • Exclusive, eco-friendly Enviroloc™ backing system for superior resilience
  • Advanced Fall Pad® cushioning technology to protect children from falls on the playground
  • Soft padding subbase beneath every installation to increase fall safety
  • TrampleZone™ packages protect high foot traffic areas such as walkways beneath playgrounds, under swings, beneath the seesaw, and more, from premature wear
  • HeatBlock™ technology to reflect sunlight and reduce heat build-up and emissions
  • First-of-its-kind SuperYarn™ technology combines three sophisticated technologies at the molecular level to create a single, genius grass yarn: Sanitized® Antimicrobial technology, DualChill™ IR Reflective technology, and StatBlock anti-static technology
  • In response to Covid-19, Progienics® antiviral cleaning solution is used with every installation and available for purchase
  • Soft, nonabrasive artificial grass fibers
  • Drainage rate of 75-inches per hour keeping playgrounds dry and safe for play
  • Made in accordance with the standards of the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA)
  • CSA approved fall attenuation that provides a cushioned landing from a height of up to 10 feet, should a child fall from the playground
  • ASTM tested to meet Head Injury Criteria requirements
  • Hypo-allergenic synthetic grass
  • Lifetime warranty on select products
  • Made in the USA with 100% recyclable components

SYNLawn® of Maui is committed to enhancing the safety of any commercial or residential playgrounds and play areas in Hawaii. We will work diligently to ensure that every installation delivers the highest quality, safety, and durability. We can customize our products to any application, under any type of existing structure, and more. Our vast collection of products is the perfect fit for any backyard, sports field, putting green, and park landscape because they do not require watering or mowing. Our synthetic grass helps to reduce water and landscape servicing bills and saves hours of time on lawn care.

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PLAY Platinum

PLAY Platinum
SKU: STX43_PLAY | Total Weight: 100 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Our safest artificial grass surface for playgrounds and areas with high volumes of foot traffic. Super Yarn technology makes this turf safe for kids of all ages with heat reflective, anti-static, Sanitized, non-abrasive grass blades for fun and safety.

PLAY Premium

PLAY Premium
SKU: ST343_PLAY | Total Weight: 80 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

The consistency of this artificial grass play surface helps eliminate common playtime injuries. With built-in Super Yarn Technology, this playground turf gives parents peace of mind allowing kids to run, play and roll around, all while maintaining its natural appearance.

SYNPlay 48 (no pad)

SYNPlay 48 (no pad)
SKU: SYN48 | Total Weight: 48 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Add a burst of color and fun to any space with this low-pile, low-friction turf ideal for activity and agility zones. With several colors to choose from, this turf style adds color to any room.

SYNPlay 48 (+pad)

SYNPlay 48 (+pad)
SKU: SYN48P | Total Weight: 48 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Fun, colorful turf with energy-absorbing cushion helps prevent common injuries with low-pile, low-friction grass blades ideal for all indoor activity and agility zones.

SYNPlay 60 (+pad)

SYNPlay 60 (+pad)
SKU: SP60 | Total Weight: 116 oz. | 9 years

This colorful, low-friction turf is ideal for indoor agility and activity zones. Low-pile, low-friction turf blades and a 5mm energy-absorbing cushion reduce the risk of common injuries during training or playtime.