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SYNLawn® Hawaii installs & sells high quality, artificial turf made in the USA, throughout Hawaii including Maui, Oahu & Honolulu. Limited lifetime warranty!

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Artificial Lawns in Hawaii

SYNLawn® Hawaii is here to provide our beautiful islands with the highest quality, eco-friendly artificial grass lawns and putting greens available on the market. Our mission is to help customers create greener landscapes that promote water conservation, recycling, and pollution reduction while drastically reducing time and money spent on maintenance. Through innovation and solution orientation, SYNLawn® Hawaii will create unique commercial and residential landscapes that accomplish this mission.


Our cutting-edge synthetic grass is designed to mimic traditional turf with unmatched realism and engineered with proprietary technology for durability and safety, making it ideal for both children and pets to help ensure enduring comfort and resilience.


Tailored to your specifications, our top-of-the-line commercial artificial turf offers businesses in Honolulu and other Hawaiian communities a cost-effective and hassle-free landscaping solution that is completely customizable to suit your needs.


Crafted by expert designers, our customizable synthetic turf golf greens provide lifelike performance, premium craftsmanship, and lasting resilience, which are helping to set a new standard for artificial putting green quality and playability in Hawaii.


After extensive research and development spanning decades, SYNLawn® has pioneered cutting-edge synthetic turf technologies, including Enviroloc™ and SuperYarn™, elevating the enduring stability and quality of our entire range of artificial turf products. 

Our revolutionary Enviroloc™ backing system, derived from renewable sources, replaces up to 60% of petroleum-based polymers found in conventional artificial grasses. Enviroloc™ secures turf fibers firmly in place, helping to prevent shedding and significantly extending the lifespan of our synthetic grass products. 

SuperYarn™ represents a groundbreaking advancement in the synthetic turf industry. This innovative technology combines three exceptional components at the molecular level to create a uniquely resilient artificial grass fiber. SuperYarn™ integrates Sanitized® antimicrobial technology, DualChill™ IR reflective technology, and StatBlock™ anti-static technology into a singular synthetic grass yarn, ultimately helping ensure unparalleled performance and durability.

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SYNLawn® Hawaii will design a remarkable landscape endearing to the beautiful qualities of our home. Our kid and pet-friendly artificial grass creates the perfect backyard space to enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably. Together, we will create an awe-inspiring poolside lounge, backyard putting green, or outdoor entertainment area perfect for family gatherings. With our exclusive turf technologies, we will enhance any residential or commercial establishment with a custom-tailored synthetic lawn, putting green, or sports field. Our creative design team specializes in applications of every kind, regardless of size.


The commitment to research and development and environmental responsibility at SYNLawn® inspires the creation of the finest synthetic grass products available. SYNLawn® Hawaii is here to customize those products to any home or business landscape. We will work with you to meet your specific needs and budget to bring your vision to life. Our low maintenance artificial lawns will provide you with numerous benefits from lower water bills to less time spent on lawn care.

SYNLawn® Hawaii is proud to provide our beautiful state with only the highest quality, eco-friendly artificial grass products. The long lifespan and recyclable components of our water-efficient artificial lawns reduce the impact on landfills, eliminate emissions from traditional landscaping tools, and conserve water resources.

Our highly advanced artificial grass portfolio contains various options that all provide luxury, comfortability, and durability. We work very hard to create reliable and affordable products, that can be combined with expert installation services to ensure the best synthetic grass experience. We believe that the best customer experience will help us achieve our goals of environmental responsibility.



Switching to artificial grass can lead to significant cost savings compared to conventional grass. Unlike traditional grass, which requires expenses for watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding, and potentially hiring help, our synthetic grass is low-maintenance. Once installed, you can eliminate these ongoing expenses, providing you with peace of mind and long-term savings.


Artificial grass helps eliminate concerns about the impact of fertilizers and pesticides on the local environment. Say goodbye to pollution from gardening equipment, as maintenance becomes a breeze with our turf. Furthermore, the substantial reduction in water usage with our synthetic grass can contribute significantly to water conservation efforts each year in Honolulu and other Hawaiian communities.


With our synthetic grass, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities year-round without worry. Its perpetual lushness and rapid drainage help ensure you do not encounter muddy, brown patches or puddles again, providing uninterrupted enjoyment with your outdoor space.



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WHY CHOOSE SYNLawn® Hawaii ?


Serving The Hawaiian Islands for many years has allowed us to become deeply familiar with local residents' and commercial businesses' needs.


Overseeing the entire production process of our artificial turf has put us in a unique position to offer a lifetime warranty on all products we sell at SYNLawn® Hawaii.


No matter what artificial lawn or synthetic grass project you may have in mind for your home or business, we have the skills and products to complete it.

Get your Saturday's Back with SYNLawn artificial grass


We specialize in catering to your commercial artificial grass requirements. Whether you operate a doggy daycare center, a gym, a vacation property, or a resort hotel, we offer tailored artificial grass solutions to help meet your needs. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, our synthetic grass for businesses requires minimal upkeep, helping to deliver substantial cost savings for your business.

At SYNLawn Hawaii, we provide artificial grass to create a unique putting green layout for you. No matter the size or scope of the artificial golf green project you have in mind, we can help you plan it and build it. Also, our synthetic turf lawns drain water fast, so stormy weather won’t flood your golf greens and keep you from playing your favorite game.

Our synthetic grass for commercial tee lines is UV resistant, usable in all climates, and very resistant to wear and tear. Because our line of artificial golf greens and putting greens are low maintenance in terms of not needing to be mowed, watered, or fertilized, they can help save money over the long run. 

In Hawaii, no matter how many dogs you have or what size they are, we can accommodate you with our fake grass for pets. Even if you have several highly energetic puppies who love to run and dig, our artificial pet grass can handle them. In addition to our synthetic pet and dog grass being comfortable and non-allergenic for pets, it also drains water quickly, so you do not need to lose sleep over your pet running into your house covered in mud.

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SYNLawn Hawaii is a leading supplier and installer of luxurious, eco-friendly artificial grass in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge, tools, and exceptional synthetic turf products necessary to help transform your home or business into a greener haven for outdoor activities and relaxation. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and get a free quote!


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