Wholesale Artificial Grass
in Hawaii

When it comes to creating beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes in Hawaii, contractors, landscapers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts have a trusted ally in SYNLawn Hawaii with our selection of wholesale artificial grass products. Renowned for our superior quality and extensive range of synthetic turf products, SYNLawn Hawaii is the go-to supplier for professionals seeking to enhance outdoor spaces across the islands. Whether it is for residential backyards, commercial properties, or innovative architectural projects, SYNLawn Hawaii offers a variety of solutions to help meet diverse needs.

Support for DIY Enthusiasts

SYNLawn Hawaii caters to DIY enthusiasts who wish to undertake their own landscaping projects. With easy-to-follow installation guides and access to professional-grade materials, our company makes it possible for virtually anyone to achieve stunning results. Our team is available to offer advice and support, so first-time installers can complete their projects successfully. We also offer a number of artificial grass installation tools and associated products, including: 

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Quality and Variety: The Hallmarks of SYNLawn Hawaii

SYNLawn Hawaii stands out in the market with our commitment to quality and variety. Our synthetic grass products are designed to mimic the look and feel of conventional grass surfaces, providing lush, green landscapes that remain pristine throughout the year. From soft, realistic-looking lawns to durable turf for high-traffic areas, our product range caters to practically every requirement.

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI residential pool surround backyard

Residential Applications

Homeowners in Hawaii can transform their yards with our wholesale residential artificial grass options. These products offer an ideal solution for creating a stunning lawn that requires minimal maintenance. Contractors and landscapers can rely on SYNLawn Hawaii to supply turf that not only enhances curb appeal but also withstands the tropical climate to help ensure long-lasting beauty.

synlawn hawaii poolside on artificial grass lawn

Commercial Applications

For commercial properties, wholesale artificial turf offers numerous advantages, including reduced maintenance costs and water savings. SYNLawn Hawaii provides commercial-grade turf designed for various applications such as office buildings, retail spaces, and public areas. These products are durable, attractive, and eco-friendly, making them a preferred choice for commercial landscapers and architects in Hawaii.

Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

In addition to offering quality and variety, SYNLawn Hawaii is deeply committed to sustainability. Our artificial grass products are manufactured PFAS-free and are meticulously designed to conserve water and significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional lawns. Conventional grass lawns require extensive irrigating, fertilizing, and maintenance, all of which can strain local water resources and introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. In contrast, our wholesale artificial grass eliminates the need for watering, thereby conserving a precious resource.

By choosing SYNLawn Hawaii and our eco-friendly wholesale turf, contractors and landscapers are playing a crucial role in creating more sustainable landscapes in Hawaii. Our synthetic lawns and landscapes help reduce carbon footprints by lowering water usage and eliminating the need for gas-powered lawn equipment. Additionally, our many wholesale synthetic grass products are manufactured using sustainable materials, such as soybean oil and sugarcane, further underscoring our commitment to environmental preservation.

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI residential frontyard golf putting greens
image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI residential artificial grass for celebrity superstar backyards

At SYNLawn Hawaii, our dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with Hawaii’s broader environmental goals. The islands are known for their beauty and diverse ecosystems, which require conscientious efforts to preserve. By opting for our wholesale artificial turf, professionals in the landscaping, construction, and architectural industries can contribute to Hawaii’s mission of environmental stewardship. These sustainable landscapes not only help enhance the aesthetic appeal of Hawaiian properties but also promote a healthier, greener environment for future generations. In essence, the wholesale artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Hawaii offers a practical and effective solution for eco-friendly landscaping, benefiting both the planet and the local community.

Specialty Products for Unique Needs

SYNLawn Hawaii goes beyond standard offerings with specialty artificial grass products tailored for specific applications. These include our wholesale playground turf, pet-friendly grass, sports turf, and rooftop grass. Each product is engineered to meet high safety and performance standards, which aids in ensuring satisfaction for both the installer and the end-user.

commercial playground on artificial grass lawn

Wholesale Playground Turf

At SYNLawn Hawaii, our wholesale playground grass is designed with safety in mind, a top concern for parents. It provides an incredibly soft and cushioned surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries, making it an excellent choice for schools, parks, and daycare centers in Hawaii. As a result, local landscapers and contractors can trust us at SYNLawn Hawaii to deliver turf that meets rigorous safety standards while maintaining a vibrant, green appearance.

image of attractive woman petting dog on synlawn artificial grass

Wholesale Pet-Friendly Grass

For most pet owners and businesses, maintaining a traditional lawn can be challenging. SYNLawn Hawaii offers pet-friendly artificial turf that is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. This product is ideal for both residential and commercial settings, providing a safer, more durable surface for pets to play on. Contractors and DIY installers will appreciate the convenience and quality of our pet-friendly synthetic grass options.


Wholesale Putting Green Turf

SYNLawn Hawaii offers premium wholesale putting green turf, perfect for creating attractive, playable golf greens. Ideal for contractors and landscapers, this high-quality turf mimics the look and feel of conventional grass, providing a realistic putting experience. It is durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for both residential and commercial applications across the Hawaiian Islands, which helps ensure long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.

CADdetails Digital Design Files

Another significant advantage of partnering with SYNLawn Hawaii is our provision of CADdetails digital design files. These files are an invaluable resource for architects and designers, streamlining the design and planning process. With detailed and accurate digital representations of our many artificial grass products, professionals can create precise and visually appealing project plans. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality and feasibility of the design, leading to smoother project execution.

SYNLawn Honolulu artificial grass for Commercial applications

Partnering with SYNLawn Hawaii

Working with SYNLawn Hawaii offers numerous benefits for professionals in the landscaping, construction, and architectural industries. Our wholesale program provides access to high-quality products at competitive prices, so your various projects can stay within budget without compromising on quality. SYNLawn Hawaii is committed to supporting our partners in various ways, including offering free artificial turf samples. These samples allow contractors, landscapers, and our other clients to see and feel the product firsthand, making it easier to make informed decisions while also demonstrating the superior quality of our SYNLawn synthetic turf offerings.

In addition to product samples, SYNLawn Hawaii hosts free lunch and learn sessions. These informative sessions are designed to provide industry professionals with valuable insights into the latest artificial grass products, installation techniques, and maintenance practices. By attending these sessions, contractors, landscapers, and their teams can stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, so they can deliver top-notch services to their clients across Hawaii.

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SYNLawn Hawaii is a premier supplier of wholesale artificial grass in Hawaii, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of contractors, landscapers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality, variety, and sustainability sets us apart in the industry. Whether for a residential lawn, a commercial landscape, or a specialized installation, SYNLawn Hawaii offers several solutions to help create beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor spaces. Partnering with our team provides access to top-tier products, expert support, and a reliable supply chain, making projects more successful.

For details on our wholesale synthetic turf options or to schedule a lunch and learn session, contact our team today!