Artificial Grass for Landscapers & Landscape Contractors
in Hawaii

SYNLawn Hawaii, the exclusive provider of SYNLawn artificial grass in Honolulu and the rest of Hawaii since 2017, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality artificial grass options for landscapers and landscape contractors that cater to a variety of landscaping projects. As a local landscaper or landscape contractor in Hawaii, you understand the importance of sourcing the best materials to create stunning, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces. From lush lawns and professional putting greens to pet areas, playgrounds, and athletic facilities, SYNLawn Hawaii has first-rate synthetic turf solutions to meet your needs.

Superior Quality and Sustainability

At SYNLawn Hawaii, our wholesale artificial grass products are celebrated for their exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our SYNLawn synthetic turf is crafted to replicate the appearance and texture of conventional grass while offering remarkable durability. This advanced manufacturing process helps ensure that our products withstand the test of time and heavy use. Importantly, SYNLawn artificial turf is manufactured PFAS-free, aligning with high standards of safety and environmental responsibility. 

Additionally, the synthetic grass we offer is made from renewable resources such as soybean oil and sugarcane, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It significantly reduces water usage, lowers carbon footprints, and eliminates the necessity for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. By choosing SYNLawn Hawaii, you are investing in a sustainable, high-performance landscaping solution.

Diverse Range of Applications for Hawaiian Landscaping Projects

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI residential pool surround backyard

Lush Lawns

Crafting stunning, low-maintenance lawns is effortless with premium artificial grass from SYNLawn Hawaii. Our synthetic lawns provide a lush, green appearance throughout the year, eliminating the need for constant mowing, watering, fertilizing, and removing weeds. Homeowners can relish in the beauty of a pristine lawn that endures the tropical climate of Hawaii, staying vibrant and robust even under heavy foot traffic and varying weather conditions. This is because our artificial turf ensures a consistently beautiful and hassle-free outdoor space, perfect for any residential or commercial setting.

Professional Putting Greens and Golf Courses

SYNLawn Hawaii offers specialized artificial grass for putting greens and golf courses, meticulously engineered to replicate the performance of professional-grade golf surfaces. Whether you are installing a backyard putting green or a full-scale golf course, our synthetic golf turf provides a consistent ball roll and a realistic texture, providing a high-quality playing experience. Additionally, this turf requires minimal maintenance, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. Landscapers and golf course designers can confidently rely on our extensive expertise to deliver a premium golfing environment that meets the needs of players at all skill levels. This makes SYNLawn Hawaii the ideal choice for those seeking exceptional quality and performance in their golf installations.

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI golf artificial grass for putting greens with slopes
image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI pets artificial grass safe for dogs cats and all animals

Pet Areas

In Hawaii, pet owners are increasingly opting for artificial grass for their furry friends’ play areas. At SYNLawn Hawaii, our pet-friendly turf is specifically designed with pets in mind, offering superior drainage capabilities, antimicrobial properties, and exceptional durability to withstand digging and rough play. This turf provides a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable surface for pets to enjoy while being easy to clean and maintain for their owners. As a result, both pets and their owners can benefit from a practical and pleasant outdoor space.


Landscapers and landscape contractors understand that safety and durability are paramount when it comes to playground surfaces. Our artificial grass for playgrounds meets strict safety standards, offering a soft, cushioned surface that aids in reducing the risk of potentially serious injuries from falls. Our playground turf is designed to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for schools, parks, and residential play areas in Hawaii. Additionally, our playground grass is non-toxic and allergen-free, offering a safer environment for children to play.

Commercial artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn
Drone shot artificial agility turf from SYNLawn

Athletic Facilities

From soccer fields to multi-purpose sports complexes, SYNLawn Hawaii has artificial grass solutions for athletic facilities to help provide the perfect balance of performance, safety, and durability. Our sports turf is engineered to handle the demands of high-impact activities, offering excellent traction, shock absorption, and resistance to wear and tear. Athletes can train and compete on a surface that mimics the performance of conventional grass while benefiting from the low-maintenance and long-lasting qualities of synthetic turf.

Benefits of Choosing SYNLawn Hawaii for Wholesale Artificial Grass

There are many benefits to choosing SYNLawn Hawaii as a landscaper or landscape contractor seeking wholesale synthetic turf. We offer expert guidance and support to landscapers and contractors, which helps ensure that every project is executed to perfection. Our team of professionals is available to assist with product selection, installation techniques, and maintenance tips, helping you achieve the best results for your clients.

With a wide range of artificial grass products and customization options, SYNLawn Hawaii can accommodate the unique requirements of nearly any landscaping project. Whether you need a specific color, pile height, or infill type, we have products to suit your design vision and functional needs.

In addition, investing in artificial turf from SYNLawn Hawaii can lead to significant long-term cost savings for your clients. By eliminating the need for regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing, our synthetic turf reduces ongoing maintenance expenses. Best of all, our durable products have a long lifespan, providing excellent value and return on investment.

Artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

Landscaping Projects Enhanced by Artificial Grass From SYNLawn Hawaii

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI residential backyard dining artificial grass paver design

Lawn Transformation in Honolulu

If a residential client in Honolulu wants a lush, green lawn that remains vibrant throughout the year without the high maintenance associated with traditional grass, premium synthetic turf from SYNLawn Hawaii can create a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn. Homeowners are often thrilled with the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our artificial lawns that allow them to enjoy a pristine outdoor space with minimal upkeep.

image of SYNLawn Honolulu HI pets camp dogs playing doggy day care facility

Pet-Friendly Play Area in

Perhaps a pet boarding facility in Maui needs a durable, hygienic surface for their outdoor play area; the pet-friendly turf from SYNLawn Hawaii can be the perfect solution for a landscaper or landscape contractor, providing superior drainage and antimicrobial properties to help keep the area cleaner and safer for pets. With it, the facility owner is likely to report a significant improvement in the cleanliness and usability of the play area, with pets and their owners appreciating the comfortable, mud-free surface.

Commercial artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

School Playground in

Schools in Kauai and on other Hawaiian Islands require a safer, more resilient surface for their playgrounds. With specialized playground turf from SYNLawn Hawaii, landscapers can create a soft, cushioned area that meets safety standards. The school administration will likely be pleased and impressed with the durability and safety of the new surface, providing students with a more secure environment for play and physical activities.

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SYNLawn Hawaii stands out as a premier supplier of high-quality artificial grass for landscapers and landscape contractors across Hawaii. Our diverse range of synthetic turf products caters to various applications, including lawns, putting greens, pet areas, playgrounds, and athletic facilities. With a commitment to sustainability, expert support, and long-term cost savings, SYNLawn Hawaii provides ideal solutions for transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly environments.

By choosing SYNLawn Hawaii, landscapers and contractors can deliver exceptional results for their clients, enhancing the beauty and usability of outdoor spaces while promoting sustainability and low-maintenance living. For more information, contact us today!